3 fitbit®versa to be won!

More chances when you play our
SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM

Promotion period

15 July 2019 to 30 September 2019

How to win a fitbit®versa

Submit your SquirrelSave account application AND invest S$50 or more in any goal
You'll be eligible for the draw when your account is approved by SquirrelSave and you'll get


Increase your chance to win

Play our SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM
to create your account,
and get


additional chance

Terms and conditions

Promotion Period

  1. Promotion period is from 15 July 2019 to 30 September 2019.
  2. Any account application submitted and subsequently approved by SquirrelSave; and with goal fully invested with at least S$50 before 30 September 2019 2359 hrs, shall be entitled to the stipulated chances for the draw.

Ways to qualify for the draw

  1. The client is entitled to ONE chance for the draw after (1) the client submits a SquirrelSave account application and approved by SquirrelSave; and (2) funds a goal with at least S$50 and the investment is confirmed by SquirrelSave.
  2. If the client completed the SquirrelSave Risk Profiler TM, the client will be entitled to ONE additional chance.
  3. Only ONE chance is awarded regardless of the number of goals created nor the amount invested.
  4. For avoidance of doubt, the chance(s) awarded to the client will only apply if the client's account remains open at the end of the promotion and zero withdrawal during the promotion period.

Conduct of the draw

  1. The draw will be conducted no later than 5 business days from the end of the promotion. It shall be witnessed by at least one independent person.
  2. The location of the draw will be at SquirrelSave's premises or any other location that SquirrelSave may so decide.
  3. SquirrelSave reserves the right to arrange and use publicity materials in and after the conduct of the draw.

Results of the draw

  1. The winners will be announced on our website and Facebook page. Additionally, the winners will receive an email regarding the results of the draw, as well as the redemption guideline.
  2. The winners are to self-collect the prize, following the redemption guidelines.


  1. This promotion may apply concurrently with our 20K Promotion.
  2. During account creation, the client may choose a different risk profile from what is suggested by SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM. The client will still obtain the additional ONE chance earned from completing the SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM.
  3. The staff of PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd. is not eligible for the draw.
  4. SquirrelSave reserves the right to publicise the winner for promotional and marketing purposes.