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Welcome to Meaningful Gifting!

SquirrelSave "Gift-a-PortfolioTM"

allows you to gift investment portfolios
and share investment knowledge with recipients!

Gift-a-PortfolioTM from as little as ONE Dollar!

No need to wait for a special occasion!

Make a Difference with Gift-a-PortfolioTM

Surprise & nudge someone to start investing early!

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

For more details, view Gift-a-PortfolioTM video here.

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Gift-a-PortfolioTM FAQs / Terms & Conditions

Five easy steps to start:

Step #1

Open a SquirrelSave account

Step #2

Top up your SquirrelCash in your SquirrelSave account with the funds you would like to give

Step #3

Choose a portfolio for your loved ones

Step #4

Indicate the amount to give

Step #5

Invite your recipient to sign up on SquirrelSave to receive your personal gift