SquirrelSave Pricing




SquirrelSave charges a flat low management fee for everyone

Management Fee

0.5% per annum

Special fee rate will apply on request for AUM above SGD 500,000
(please contact us).

Fees are calculated based on daily average net asset value (NAV) of your portfolio and deducted from your account monthly in arrears. For example, management fee for April will be deducted in May and reflected in your May monthly statement.


SquirrelSave investors only pay for actual positive returns

Performance Fee

10% of any positive return

Calculated on a time-weighted first-in-first-out approach, based on each portfolio’s (goal’s) underlying USD value. High watermark feature will apply.

The Performance Fee is calculated as a percentage of the absolute return based on the original capital investment received after conversion into the base USD value of each SquirrelSave goal. The Performance Fee is calculated once a year, at each calendar year-end.


How does High Watermark work?

Charging performance fee only if the fund exceeds the highest NAV* it has ever achieved.

High watermark charges performance fee only if the fund exceeds the highest NAV it has ever achieved

*NAV based on underlying USD value.

Smart Investors Pay for Performance

A Performance Fee structure is aligned with your interest. It is paid out of actual returns achieved, and not from the base capital. A high watermark will make it fair that the investor only pays for actual positive returns over the investment period.

A human investment manager rewarded by performance fees may take excessive risks because of greed. However, SquirrelSave portfolios are managed by machine learning AI. Machines don’t have that human greed and will remain consistently objective.


SquirrelSave AI will do everything for you

Start smart investing with 3 simple steps. Then, sit back and relax!