Tired of low interest rates on your idle savings?

Enjoy higher returns at low-risk with MoneyBoxTM


Management Fee: WAIVED2

Underlying Funds & Allocation

UOB United SGD Fund Class B Acc
UOB United SGD Money Market Fund Class B

Projected Return Calculation

Gross projected return p.a 3 1.2% to 1.5%
Overall trailer fee rebates3 0.00%
SquirrelSave management fees WAIVED2
Net projected return p.a.1 1.2% to 1.5%
  1. Reflects our current high end probablistic 1-year return compiled using the Geometric Brownian Motion formula, a widely accepted quantitative model for projecting asset price movements and returns using recent years’ SGD NAV funds pricing data. After MoneyBox’s underlying fund returns are compiled using the GBM formula, a blended net projected return is calculated. This is done by applying the weights of the 2 underlying funds; 30% for UOB United SGD Money Market Fund Class B and 70% for UOB United SGD Fund Class B Acc. (net of all fund level expenses). Return is net of 0.64% estimated total Fund level fees factored into daily NAV prices of 2 underlying funds. Fund level fees are determined via proportional blending of 2 fund expense ratios, where related fees are found in latest fund prospectuses. As no trailer fees (rebates) are received from the funds’ managers, no further adjustments are required.
  2. Management Fee of 0.10% p.a. waived until further notice. MoneyBox also does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.
  3. SquirrelSave uses institutional classes of funds to benefit from lower underlying fees versus retail classes. Due to their lower costs, institutional classes do not currently offer fee rebates (trailer fees). Any future trailer fees received will be passed on to clients’ accounts.

Important Note: MoneyBox projected gross returns may fluctuate up or down, based in part on the performance of the underlying funds as well other inputs of the GBM methodology. As such, actual returns delivered may be lower or higher than the prevailing projected return presented. This performance, in turn, is dependent on Singapore’s economic health and trajectory as well as the 12-month trajectory of global interest rates. The underlying GBM model is reviewed and updated quarterly along with the projected return. When applicable, we may review and re-optimise the MoneyBox portfolio allocation (including the selection of underlying funds within) to attempt to maintain the highest possible projected return within a given economic environment.

MoneyBox FAQs

MoneyBox is our cash management solution offering enhanced returns versus bank savings and fixed deposit accounts. It offers higher yet safe returns by investing in a combination of specially selected UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) funds. You can deposit any amount without restrictions or withdrawal penalties. It can also be held conveniently until you’re ready to shift into other SquirrelSave goals created for longer term needs.

It’s comprised of an allocation of 70% UOB United SGD Fund Class B Acc and 30% UOB United SGD Money Market Fund Class B. The Funds and allocations are reviewed and assessed annually with changes made if warranted to maintain or enhance risk adjusted returns.

No, you are free to invest strictly in MoneyBox as long as you wish, without any obligation to invest in another goal for your SquirrelSave account.

It takes about 3-4 business days for deposits to appear in your SquirrelSave account (barring unforeseen factors), depending on the timing of your deposit. Faster processing is offered for transfers before 5pm on a given business day. Withdrawals typically take 5-6 business days to reach your bank account, barring unexpected occurrences.

We pool your deposits with other MoneyBox investors to get preferential access to UOBAM’s institutional fund classes. These classes offer lower underlying management fees versus those charged to retail investors.

SquirrelSave management fees and other fees are currently waived for MoneyBox. This waiver will be reviewed annually and clients will be informed with sufficient notice if and when a decision is made to apply our usual 0.1% annual management fee.

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